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Experience with assets ranging from oil and natural gas fields located in the Permian and Delaware Basins of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico, coalbed methane fields the Four Corners Region, Rockies and Front Range assets, Williston Basin fields, Cotton Valley / Hosston, Smackover plays in East Texas into Louisiana, Gulf Onshore fields in Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Texas, Offshore fields and blocks located in the Gulf of Mexico, unconventional gas fields located in the Texas Panhandle into Oklahoma, shallow to deep fields in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, and many many others.

Reservoir Engineering

Conduct all facets of reservoir engineering on conventional, unconventional, water flood, and tertiary flood assets including: material balance, pressure transient analysis, rock and fluid property evaluation, fluid flow dynamics, oil, water, gas saturation estimating.

Reservoir Management

Provide top tier reservoir management services including: reservoir pressure management, water flood and CO2 flood rebalancing, WAG (water alternating with gas) injection design and schedules, precipitate control, improving sweep efficiency and hydrocarbon recovery.

Project Management

Manage from concept to implementation of a wide range of projects from small to world class fields. Organize project inputs, optimize development plans, apply best practices, deliver on project execution, and track results. Design projects such as infill drilling programs, water or CO2 flood patterns, pilot projects testing chemicals such as surfactants, polymers, relative permeability modifiers; single well chemical tracer tests, multi well tracer tests, comprehensive surveillance programs, evaluating, optimizing, and debottlenecking facilities. Implement corrosion control, metallurgies, elastomers, downhole pump designs, and conformance control strategies and processes.

Project Remediation

Restore profitability and proper function for failed or impaired projects or assets. Propose project options and solutions that are supported by technical and economic evaluations. Improve oil and gas field runtime by evaluating failure root causes then implementing cost effective solutions. Develop operation excellence programs that have effective feedback process and communication loops. Track, monitor, and refine project results focused on continuous improvements, failure prevention, and protecting cash flow.

Asset Management

Find effective solutions for improving asset performance when measured against technical, economic, and EHS benchmarks. Advance value-based decision strategies that identifies ways to increase ROI, boost revenue, and lower operating costs. Build asset present value with processes that captures high value opportunities, grows project inventory, increases EUR, and finds capex savings. Organize historic information into a dynamic centralized asset management plan which assists in staff onboarding and provides an accessible reference for technical staff to access key information and ideas. Improve communications between engineers, geologists, IT, and field personnel through the use of modern technology. Capture well, pattern, and meeting action items, recommendations, and notes with a user friendly interface into a centralized database.

Directing Surveillance

Evaluate client needs, field logistics, software systems, communication processes, data quality and types. Create surveillance budgets, then direct programs from implementation, data gathering, data analysis, migration of the process responsibilities across various organizational structures. Provide recommendations to meet future asset development and redevelopment objectives or goals. Implement proven surveillance methods and processes for economic success in oil and gas fields to generate maximum returns on investment. Solve complex problems using the component method.  Apply surveillance techniques to generate massive value adds for customer portfolios, improve risk management, improve oil and gas revenues with increased production and lowering operating expenses. Quantify important operating parameters such as reservoir pressure, intake pump pressure set points, injection targets, and evaluate interwell connectivity. Reduce well failure causes and provide solutions to increase well runtimes, discover new exploitation projects as discoveries, targeting bypassed or unswept reserves, or improving processing rates.

Miscible/CO2 Flooding

Miscible flooding is a process where an injectant such as CO2 or various hydrocarbon gas liquids such as methane, ethane, propane, or C5+ dissolves into residual oil within a reservoir or geologic flow unit at or near minimum miscibility pressure resulting in increased oil mobility and potential to flow. Extensive hands on experience improving and developing many miscible and immiscible floods such as SACROC, Goldsmith ROZ, Heidelberg, Brookhaven, and dozens of other fields. Subject matter experts in water and solvent flooding that will use our experience and track record of successes to improve your flood performance. Provide professional consulting service in screening miscible flood candidates and designing pilot projects to full scale developments.

Reserve Estimating

Identified and booked nearly $1.3 billion in new proven reserves for our energy clients. Approach proved reserve estimating that is objective and ensures proved reserves are technically and economically recoverable using current pricing and deduct metrics. Forecast with proven industry accepted methods such as decline curve fitting, dimensionless curve history matching, GOR and WOR versus cumulative oil history matching, and analog curves to derive technical recovery estimates. Organize reserve estimates into proved, probable, and possible along with contingent resource categories. Provide senior management with recommendations and strategies to increase proved reserves, particularly PDP, QC/QA behind pipe and proven undeveloped reserves. Evaluate stranded reserves associated with premature P&A wells for revitalization opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Think strategically when evaluating the core attributes of a project, then identify various options for increasing value and managing risk over time. A huge advantage of hiring APR to serve you is that we have extensive experience of working with diverse assets ranging from low to very capital intensive projects, many of which have complex geology and reservoir characteristics and unique operating challenges. Leverage our knowledge and experience of working with cutting edge onshore technologies and innovative mind sets to find solutions that conventional thinking engineers and consulting firms may not be aware of. Develop strategic planning that improves capital deployment, decreases operating costs, maximizes implementation of low risk / high ROI projects over the short term. Derisk projects that require more technical data support and defer projects having a higher risk bandwidth or require hiring market prices.

Capital Budget Process

Saved our clients over $280 million dollars in capex on projects that we have managed. Prioritize the highest ROI / present value derisked projects. Vet projects thoroughly and ensure that all value is properly captured. Communicate with visual aids, presentations, and single page project summary sheets to define project scope, discuss upsides, downsides, risks, reserve and capital impacts. Organize economic cases in ARIES, PHDWin, Spotfire, Access, SQL and other databases. Meet deadlines and provide  high quality petroleum engineering service.

Cost Containment

Saved $10's of millions of dollars in operating costs for our clients. Find ways for your business to manage operating costs and expenses at target levels or better yet find savings in order to boost profitability. Identify, evaluate, and provide improvement recommendations for expense drivers for well or equipment runtime, production lift, electrical or power, chemical programs, fluid treating, compression, injectant, severance and ad valorem taxes, royalties, and site remediation.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Generated over $900 million in increased project EUR's by climbing the technological ladder and applying sound engineering and financial principles in accreting value. Apply expertise in secondary waterflooding, tertiary enhanced oil recovery, and improved oil recovery. Evaluate projects using a fundamental approach and identify ways to extend the productive life of the field using proven extraction and production optimization methods,  Manage reservoirs in innovative ways to economically process bypassed or unswept oil and gas reserves and ultimately add huge value for interest holders and investors.

EHS Program Support

Advocate responsible environmental, health, and safety programs as cornerstones of business success. Provide alertness, attention to detail, and constructive communication in facilitating a successful EHS program. Respect our clients EHS processes and programs and are willing to provide leadership and support in ensuring that employees, contractors, and support personnel conduct processes in a safe, responsible manner that respects our OSHA standards / environmental regulations and laws.

Leading Diverse Teams

Participated in personality testing and RACI goal setting taught me the value in understanding the attributes of ourselves and colleagues and how I can effectively interact with and lead teams often comprised of a mix of personalities. My personality is ESTJ or Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. This means that I have strong managerial and executive attributes along with deep respect for core values such as integrity, honestly and tradition. Isabel Briggs Myers has been quoted in saying "ESTJs solve problems by expertly applying and adapting past experience. They like work where they can achieve immediate, visible, and tangible results". This being said, all personalities have weaknesses, the key is that we understand and maintain self-awareness in order to protect and nurture our professional relationships with other people. It is my believe that with dedicated effort, consistency, training, coaching, and proper thinking that natural weaknesses can be grown into core strengths.

Financial Forecasting

Generate reliable forecasts for guiding a business towards economic success for partners and share holders. Provide a full range of services from history matching core historic accounting data, generating production flow streams, evaluating operating costs, capital requirements, and tax burdens over time. Optimize portfolios, create corporate standards and processes that allow for meaningful comparisons between assets and projects. Identify areas for cost improvements, capital deployment, and timing adjustments for maximizing portfolio present value while respecting real world logistical and technical constraints. Build credibility with financial institutions and investors to obtain favorable terms in negotiating growth capital through the bond market and equity offerings.

EUR & Financial Analysis

Employ extensive experience in estimating ultimate recovery (oil, gas, NGLs) using proven methods in deriving original oil/gas in place, recovery factors, sweep efficiencies, facility or pipeline capacities and cut offs such as barrels per day, water-to-oil or gas-to-oil ratios. Uphold industry accepted standards for estimating EUR with P90 outcomes. Integrate two or more forecasting methods to derive credible P90+ predictions for both internal use and external entities such as: Ryder Scott, D&M, N&S, big banks and others financial institutions and investment funds. Create history matching models that integrate GOR or WOR vs. cumulative oil with dimensionless curve fitting. Share innovative methods that leverages the strengths of various forecasting methods to converge on the P90+ results. Perform meaningful recovery and financial analysis using economic application software such as ARIES, PHDWin or Spotfire, or PHDWin.

Asset Development

Provide full spectrum services for developing field assets ranging from recommending and supervising optimal infill drilling locations, recompletion projects, pilot project design and management. Advise waterflood and CO2 flood expansions, pattern realignments, source water, disposal, well completions, debottlenecking facilities, optimizing compression, and tank storage capacities. Coordinate with multi disciplinary teams to identify opportunities to save on capex, lower operating expenses, derisk, and design for production / economic growth.

Conformance Control

Added over $1 billion in monetized value implementing conformance solutions primarily in mater water and CO2 floods for our clients. Conformance control or modification aka CMOD has three main solution categories: mechanical devises, chemical related options, and operational controls.  Share our recipe for success for consistently adding value and generating compound ROIs for conformance projects using best practices with surveillance data and proven technologies. Prioritize CMODs located in productive areas of the field that have large remaining oil and gas recovery potential. Create economic cases to justify capital AFEs focused on improving oil recovery, increasing production revenue, lowering operating costs, and save on capital by avoiding unnecessary investments. Recommend realistic options to reduce well failure rates, improve reservoir efficiency in terms of total sweep, pressure / mmp, and optimal processing rates. Drive company success as advocates for innovation that will significantly add portfolio value to stakeholders. Evaluate federal and state level research and development tax credit options, and grow partnerships with universities or major corporations. When you hire us for your conformance program needs, you are getting elite engineering capability and are unlocking the potential for sky high ROIs and improved P&L.

Oil Field Management

Lead communication initiatives between between field operations personnel, engineers, geologists, and management teams. Focus on success with by relationship building between employees, vendors, regulatory bodies, and partners. Promote a culture where dynamic constructive communication occurs, production becomes optimized, costs trend lower, capital investment is more efficient as project success rates increase. Find ways for improving operations runtime, debottleneck facilities, identify and prioritize high value projects, and propose strategies focused on efficiency gains. Recommend that executive level champions are designated for removing cultural roadblocks and drive communication processes both vertically and laterally.

Data-Driven Decisions

Drive successful data management programs that evaluate, organize, and transform raw information into effective visual tools such as charts, maps, and summary tables. Guide successful decision making processes that lead to beneficial outcomes. Find new ways to apply vintage data sets for problem solving, value creation, derisking projects, and optimizing production.

Petroleum Geology

Identified a potential $1.25+ billion ROZ project in the Canyon Reef carbonate system at SACROC in Scurry County, Texas. Created mud logs for over 75 wells located  in the Permian and Delaware Basins mud logging over 75 vertical and horizontal wells. Annotated all logs with important engineering observations such as bit torqueing or dropping due to faults and karsting in the formation. Examined drill cuttings under a microscope and black light box to determine lithology, porosity development, accessory minerals, and hydrocarbon staining. Performed cut checks to determine how any hydrocarbons would diffuse and disperse out of the cuttings. Correlated mud logs with electric logs and support the evaluation and completion process of the well as required. Communicated as required with geologists, drilling and completion personnel, service companies, and peer companies.

SEC & SOX Compliance

Maintain compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which is mandatory for companies. This act has two key provisions that mandate the senior management certify accuracy of reported financial statements (section 302) and that management with assistance of auditors establish internal controls and reporting methods on the adequacy of those controls (section 404). Gained over 13 years corporate and business unit experience working with executive management teams and various auditors to ensure that all reported financial statements have been accurate and that the internal controls were followed and compliant.

Training & Coaching

Stay humble, grateful, and mindful for all of the time, energy, patience, and knowledge shared with me by more experienced professionals over my career, thank you!! It has been my privilege to have trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of oil and gas professionals during my career. Many mentorees have been promoted to managerial positions and have outstanding achievements, often using the fundamental and technical skills taught them. I see huge potential in new graduates and young energy industry professionals and will continue sharing  knowledge with and challenging them for their own personal development, the growth of the companies they represent, and the greater good of society.

EPA Compliance

Advocate for responsible environmental stewardship through project implementation that are EPA compliant mindful of company goals. Achieve results that eliminate fluid and gas releases, protect fresh water zones, and respect wildlife seasonal patterns. Secure aging wells with proper plug and abandonment and monitoring procedures, tracked compliance with scorecards and communicated results to senior management teams, EHS personnel, and appropriate local, state, and federal regulatory bodies as required.

Risk Management

Saved over $280 million in capex using effective risk management, recompleting vintage wellbores, and creating innovative projects that eliminated more costly investment options. Identify and prioritize low risk / high reward projects using criteria specific to each asset. Apply Rose & Associates risk management training to vet complex projects prior to making large capital investments. Evaluate and recommended deferring projects with  higher uncertainty with data, geology, reservoir, LOE, EUR, and processing rates.

3P Reserves Logistics

Earned over 14 years experience with hard work and attention to detail all aspects of evaluating and organizing proved, probable, and possible reserve logistics including contingent resources. Use SEC and auditor approved forecasting and economic evaluation methods to categorize, technically support, and prioritize projects based upon their fundamental characteristics. Leverage power user skill set in running economic evaluation software such as ARIES and managing the databases through ACCESS, SQL, Excel, and other sources. Conduct detailed reserve reconciliations and generated detailed and summary quarterly and annual reports for senior management teams and reserve auditors. Foster effective relationships with banks, institutional investors, regulatory bodies, and other financial firms throughout our career. Create presentations focused for end users with the relevant information that they required.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evaluate oil and gas investment decisions to determine the best approach that will result in achieving production and economic goals. Refine capital budgets and plans by considering alternatives based upon economic, technical, and feasibility criteria.

Quantitative Analysis

Derive high confidence predicted oil or gas production, proved reserve, and cash flow estimates using mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement, and research. Focus on maximizing ROI, P&L, revenue creation, and controlling operating costs for PDP and undeveloped assets.

Improving Processes

Improve processes by organizing historic data and output then unlocking opportunities that increase efficiency, improve oil or gas production, decrease reportable EHS events, and minimize risk. Create dynamic high-level asset exploitation strategies that identify value generating opportunities, solve key problems, and mitigate risk with technical, economic evaluations, and pilot projects. Find innovative ways to operate and exploit unconventional, conventional, or mature petroleum assets.

Reducing Cost/Barrel

Organize, evaluate, and provide recommendations for managing input parameters that will reduce the cost of producing a barrel of oil. Focus on managing capex from drilling, completion, bringing wells online, maintenance, and plug & abandonment. Identify ways to decrease operating and workover expenses through increased runtime, efficient lift, operations adjustments, chemical treating, capturing and effectively using surveillance data.

Improving Efficiency

Drive efficiency improvements through good data gathering, organization, interpretation, and implementation of best practices. Explore innovative technologies that mesh with petroleum asset environment from surface facilities, downhole equipment, and reservoir rock and fluid characteristics. Generate immediate revenue gains through effective stimulation and low cost conformance projects. Evaluate facilities with nodal analysis to find ways to decrease friction losses, decrease excessive gathering or injection system back pressure, and maximize compression, train, and pump utilization. Recommend mid to longer term strategies and projects that optimize processing rates, improve sweep efficiency, and increase recovery.

Leveraging Technology

Achieve new ways of generating cash flow using technology ladders in mature and unconventional assets. Boldly explore ideas, foster creative thinking, arise to challenges to "Think outside of the box". Leverage modern application software to organize and visualize data, conduct surveillance, and grow oil and gas businesses. Engage and train asset teams to brainstorm, challenge each other as professionals, reach out and create partnerships in the tech industry, and apply modern skill sets for creating the 21st century energy industry.

Focus on Solutions

Lead collaborative initiatives, surveillance, and communication processes that encourage problem solving, completing goals, focus on growing profitability, applying innovative technology. Advise and mentor younger oil and gas technical professionals to avoid analysis paralysis pitfalls and focus on finding solutions resulting in achievements with measurable, repeatable, and profitable results.

Technical Assessments

Complete technical assessments of historic information in a timely manner, communicate key findings with senior management, and provide tangible recommendations. Advise and support modern technical projects that are focused on generating cash flow, increasing portfolio value, mitigating risk, filling key data holes, and creating the framework for future development or redevelopment programs.

Persuasive Presentations

Deliver well prepared presentations focused on elements relevant to decision makers that are supported by strong a technical and economic foundation. Provide project solutions and recommendations that are realistic, discussed in a collaborative environment beforehand, and thoroughly vetted. Present by "speaking to the slides" by expanding conversation and collaborative dialog. Maintain integrity, honesty, and credibility throughout the process and gain peer buy in before engaging senior management or investors.

P&L Ownership/Mgmt

Be accountable as a business owner in professional conduct with oil and gas clients, vendors, and colleagues. Lead by example with entrepreneurial energy, focus, and marketing in achieving high ROI results. Respect people at all times in every situation by being understanding, authentic, and generous with kind words of encouragement. Represent a professional gold standard in conduct, achievement, innovation, strategic thinking, and technical excellence.


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