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Rodney Michel, Independent Consultant

Petroleum / Reservoir Engineering / Asset Management

Value Creation via Strategic Thinking, Innovation, and Technical Excellence

Over $2.6 Billion in value created for clients since 2004!

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3529 Pinnacle Bay Point ~ “Maximizing Petroleum Recovery & Profits” ~ Little Elm, TX 75068 ~ ~ Mobile: 406.490.1091



Expert Oversight on EOR, IOR, CapEx & Unconventional Projects, Consulting and Surveillance; sky-high ROI


EOR Consultant with expertise at identifying, creating and unlocking over $2.6B in value for employers. Possess extensive petroleum technology, engineering and geology knowledge from conventional to tertiary enhanced oil recovery that includes reservoir, operations, asset development, forecasting, surveillance, data management and conformance. Excel in EOR planning, presenting, achieving buy-in and managing projects. Consistently reduce costs and risks while maximizing revenue, margins and value of existing assets via cutting-edge innovation, technology and advanced oil recovery methods.


Meet or exceed technical, production, safety, budget and deadline goals, as evidenced by 15 years of outstanding results, completing 500+ projects, leading several successful remediation projects, three awards, key contributions to double-digit revenue growth and triple-digit ROI for employers.




Reservoir Engineering   ∙ Reservoir Management  ∙ Project Management  ∙ Project Remediation
∙ Asset Management  ∙ Directing Surveillance   ∙ Miscible/CO2 Flooding  ∙ Reserve Estimating
∙ Strategic Planning   ∙ Capital Budget Process   ∙ Cost Containment   ∙ Enhanced Oil Recovery
∙ EHS Program Support  ∙ Leading Diverse Teams  ∙ Financial Forecasting    ∙ EUR & Financial Analysis
∙ Asset Development  ∙ Conformance Control   ∙ Oil Field Management  ∙ Data-Driven Decisions
∙ Petroleum Geology  ∙ SEC & SOX Compliance Training & Coaching ∙ EPA Compliance
∙ Risk Management ∙ 3P Reserves Logistics ∙ Cost-Benefit Analysis ∙ Quantitative Analysis
∙ Improving Processes ∙ Reducing Cost/Barrel ∙ Improving Efficiency ∙ Leveraging Technology
∙ Focus on Solutions ∙ Technical Assessments ∙ Persuasive Presentations ∙ P&L Ownership/Mgmt.




Independent Enhanced Oil Recovery Consultant, Little Elm, TX April 2018 – Present

Consult for Exploration, Drilling, Asset Development, LLP, MLP, Private Equity, Banks, Reserve Auditors, State & Federal Government (Bureau of Land Management), O&G, Shale Companies, Pipeline Companies etc.


      Complete countless economic feasibility studies to identify opportunities with highest ROI, prioritize projects according to recovery cost, risk management and technical assessment; optimize flow rate of oil by reducing viscosity via miscible flooding/CO2 flooding and thermal recovery, and oversee EOR projects through full project life cycle.


      Develop remediation strategies for failing projects; rescue challenged EOR projects and return underperforming EOR projects back to schedule. Restore profitability by focusing on decreasing operating costs and improving capital efficiency.


      Identify asset value using proven economic and technical evaluation methods. Drive results and revenues via leading teams, implementing best industry practices, overseeing projects, fostering cross-functional collaboration, training and coaching, and by maintaining a relentless focus on solutions.


Senior Petroleum Engineer, ROVER PETROLEUM MANAGEMENT, Dallas, Texas May 2017 – April 2018

Westbrook, Howard Glasscock, North Huntley water floods in Permian Basin Eastern Shelf carbonates and sands.


Cumulative Project Management & Leadership Results – Completed over 500 projects in Oil & Gas career, at least 70% achieved mission of adding significant value, approximately 95% of projects were




completed on time, 95% were completed within budget, > 90% earned high praise/satisfaction from employer/clients and 100% of change-order requests presented were approved (career-long).


Zero adverse findings on annual SEC and SOX audits for all 3P reserves managed during last 14 years as Sr. Reservoir Engineer/Independent EOR Consultant.


Created $2 million of value for RPM as Senior Petroleum Engineer by reducing operating costs by $875K (25 well x $50K/well repair cost x 70% less failure rate) and increasing annual gross revenue by $1.125M (3 BOPD x $50/BBL = $150/day at 300 days/year x 25 wells = $1.125M) on Westbrook Field High-Failure Rate Well Remediation Project, 2017-2018. Ask for details during interviews.


Added over $31.25 million in proved reserves value for RPM by leading the Upper Clearfork Recompletion Inventory Project at North Westbrook as Sr. Petroleum Engineer.


Senior Reservoir Engineer, KINDER MORGAN CO2 PRODUCTION, Midland, Texas Sept. 2015 – May 2017

Goldsmith ROZ / MPZ CO2 flood in Permian Basin Central Basin Platform carbonates.


Led the GLSAU Production Uplift Project from 2015-2017 that resulted in $7.5 million in added revenues (500 BO/day x $50/B price x 300 days per year = $7.5M via EOR).


Directed the GLSAU OPEX Savings Project from 2015-2017 that culminated in $3.6 million in opportunity cost savings for employer (2000 BOPD x $40/B x 300 days x 15% = $3.6M in savings).


Met or exceeded all organizational EOR & KPI goals during tenure; recognized as the go-to resource on any/all EOR challenges, problems or underperforming projects by senior management.


Instrumental in restoring asset profitability for KM through improved oil production, efficiency gains from implementing WAG management on 32 core patterns as leader of reservoir engineering & surveillance team.


Saved KM over $25 million in capital expense by decreasing CO2 purchases, eliminating higher risk/ lower reward projects and liaising with Finance staff to develop standardized pricing and deduct metrics as Project Manager/Sr. Reservoir Engineer of DSS cash flow project (20MCFPD x $1/MCF CO2

x 180 days/year x 5 years + $7M high risk capital projects eliminated = $25M saved).


Senior Reservoir Engineer, DENBURY RESOURCES, Plano, Texas Oct. 2011 – Sept. 2015

Heidelberg, Brookhaven, Eucutta CO2 floods, Selma Gas and Cedar Creek Anticline oil fields.


Directed major cash flow project, field income, 2014-2015, created $7.8 million in value as Sr. Reservoir Engineer from capital redeployment ($650K/Month x 12 Months/Year = $7.8 million).


Spearheaded major cash flow project II, Adopting Corporate Standards Project, 2014-2015, impacted 10 of 20 oil fields, created value/revenue of $78 million (10 fields x $650K/month x 12 months per year).


Led the Production Controls Application Project at Heidelberg Field, that avoided substantial losses by reducing oil curtailment to save DR $6.0 million (annualized) in 2014 as Senior Reservoir Engineer (400 BOPD x $50/B x 300 days/year = $6.0M).


Generated $1.4 million in operating costs on production wells on Production Controls Application Project at Heidelberg Field in 2014 ($55K/well x 170 wells x 15% of wells = $1.402M).


Headed the team that also generated $3.75 million in opportunity cost savings for DR on the Production Controls Application Project at Heidelberg Field in 2014 by reducing LOE with compression efficiency management (25 cents/MCF CO2 x 500 MMCF/day x 10% efficiency gain x 300 days/year = $3.75M).


Guided the WHFU Conformance Modification Project from 2013-2015 and increased EUR by $260 million in revenues during that time with well conformance engineering ($20.7M CapEx total, 40 projects @ $500K/project with 5.2M BO added per at $50/BBL = $260M).



Recognized by Denbury Resources senior management with “the 2014 Drop of Excellence Award” for completing detailed review of West Heidelberg Field development phases by analyzing historic fluid production, reallocating oil, water and gas over time using a novel transform method. Completed 30 de-risked and prioritized capital projects with conservative oil production uplift of 900 BOPD. Identified 20 million remaining recoverable BO based on a conservative 35% estimated ultimate recovery cut off.


Presented with “the 2013 Drop of Excellence Award” by DR senior management for increasing oil production rate by 450 BOPD at Brookhaven Field. Identified and completed ten capital development projects. Improved the efficiency of Brookhaven Field by 20% via WAG management.


Championed the Comprehensive Technical Evaluation Project at Brookhaven Field, 2012-2013, identified and booked oil reserves that had not been captured in corporate reserves database. Added 40 capital projects and booked 6MBO of oil reserves located in deeper Tuscaloosa Sands. Initiated WAG process and recompleted 10 wells in 2013; increased oil production rate >450 BOPD with 15% less OFDR. Created $300 million in new revenues/value for DR (6MBO reserve x $50/BBL = $300M).


Produced $6.75M in additional revenue by driving Brookhaven Field Technical Evaluation Project with increased production at 10 wells from WAG, HuffnPuff and recompletions (450 BOPD x $50/BBL x 300 days/year).


Earned “the 2012 Drop of Excellence Award” from Denbury Resources senior management for many valuable contributions to the East Region Team that reached a 75 million BO CO2 production milestone.


Senior Reservoir Engineer, KINDER MORGAN CO2 PRODUCTION, Midland, Texas Aug. 2006 – Sept. 2011

SACROC CO2 flood in the Permian Basin Horseshoe Atoll carbonate reef system.


Saved KM $10.0M by completing three major Capital Expansion Projects budgeted for $200M five percent under budget 2006-2011 as Sr. Project Manager/Sr. Reservoir Engineer (5% of $200M = $10M). Expansion projects included Southwest Centerline (SWCL), South Shore and Chiquita.


Optimized pattern design and completions to save KM $40.0 million or 20% of budget on $200M SWCL, South Shore and Chiquita Capital Expansion Projects, 2006-2011(20% x $200M = $40M).


Prevented $4.5M in losses via optimizing production by prioritizing high reward/low risk wells and shutting down unprofitable wells. Developed a High GOR/WOR Production Control Application in Prodnet, a customized corporate surveillance & tracking system, 2010-2011 (300 BOPD x $50/BBL x 300 days/year).


Directed High GOR/WOR Production Control Application Development Project, 2010-2011, identified an opportunity to increase NGL fed to Snyder Gas Plant and executed on it adding $8.4M in annualized revenues as Sr. Reservoir Engineer (800 BOPD x $35/BBL x 300 days/year = $8.4M).


Saved KM another $1.2M by reducing failure rate on unprofitable wells by shutting them down on project above (400 producers x 5% of wells x $200/day opp. Cost x 300 days/year = $1.2M).


Identified previously unknown residual oil zone (ROZ) potential in South Shore Development Project at SACROC, from 2010-2011, added $1.25 billion in potential reserve value for KM using EOR techniques (500MBO OOIP x 5% EUR x $50/BBL = $1.25B). Applied knowledge as petroleum geologist.


Added $375 million in new revenue for KM while leading SWCL Pressure & Rate Rebalancing Project, 2009-2010, by adding 7.5MBO in proved oil reserves (7.5MBO x $50/BBL = $375M) as Senior Reservoir Engineer.

Championed SWCL Pressure & Rate Rebalancing Project, 2009-2010, and achieved buy-in from senior management to proceed vs. costly proposed a $200M capital project for physical pattern realignment at SACROC. Savings from avoiding massive capital expense $200 million; savings were reallocated.


Saved another $7.74 million for KM on SWCL Pressure & Rate Rebalancing Project, 2009-2010, by reducing operating expenses/repairs and well failure rate by 90% as Senior Reservoir Engineer (86 wells x $100K/well x 90% decreased failure rate = $7.74M).




Senior Reservoir Engineering Technician, FOREST OIL CORPORATION, Denver, CO May 2005 – Aug. 2006

      Created forecasts, performed economic evaluations, and generated reserve estimates.


Petroleum Wellsite Geologist, ADVANCE CONSULTANTS, Midland, TX 12/01 – 08/02, summer 2003 & 05/04 – 05/05; Permian and Delaware Basin assets from exploration to development in carbonates and sands.


Prevented adverse exposures to hydrogen sulfide gas in logging trailers during tenure by developing and implementing a novel safety device using an inexpensive caustic-wash system based on GPSA principles to remove H2S gas exposure risk and protect equipment from corrosion.




Operations VP/Founder, NORTHWEST ART & COLLECTIBLES, Little Elm, TX 2010 – 2018

      Generated over $125,000 annually in best years; led all aspects of business from purchasing and operations to inventory management, accounting and marketing & sales.

      Most important transferrable skill – P&L Ownership/Management, how to be profitable by design.




Bachelor of Science/BS in Petroleum Engineering with Mathematics Minor, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, MT formerly the Montana State School of Mines; graduated cum laude with 3.52 GPA in May 2004. Member of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society.


Diploma of Petroleum Engineering Technology/DT, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BC; graduated with 140 credits (a bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits in US) in May 2001


Miscible Enhanced Oil Recovery, PetroTel, SMU Plano, TX campus 2012

Certificate of Completion, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey, Midland, TX, May 2011

Rocks, Pores & Capillary Pressure: Understanding Reservoirs & Seals, Dr. Vavra, Denbury Resources

Oil Field Manager Mapping Applications, Celia Payne Instructor, Midland College, Midland, TX 2010

Performance Analysis, Prediction & Optimization Nodal Analysis Training, Professor Wilson, Petro Skills Course, via Kinder Morgan, Denver, CO, Aug. 2009

Paleozoic Mounds Stratigraphic Architecture in Sacramento Mountains, Dr. Janson of Texas BEG, El Paso TX

This was a three-day field trip to El Paso TX, Cloudcroft and Alamogordo NM, Kinder Morgan in 2009.

CO2 Course, Mike Stein, Mike Stein Consulting at Kinder Morgan, Midland, TX 2008

Fundamentals of Enhanced Oil Recovery, Dr. Larry Lake, Kinder Morgan, Midland, TX 2008

Dynamic Flow Analysis using Kappa Saphir Software, Instructors Oliver Houze, Didier Viturat & Olé Fjaere, Kinder Morgan, Midland TX 2007

Economic Evaluation before Tax Methods, John Stermole, Kinder Morgan, Midland, TX, Nov. 2007

Workstation Geologic Analysis: Petra, Midland College, Midland, TX, May 2007

CO2 Flooding School, Professor Melzer, Midland College, Continuing Education, Midland, TX, Jan. 2007

Advanced Waterflooding: Performance & Surveillance, Dr. Bill Cobb, Houston, TX, Oct. 2006

Risk Analysis for Development Applications, Rose & Associates, Forest Oil, Denver CO 2005

ARIES® Fundamentals, Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software, Landmark Instructors, Forest Oil, 2005

Prospecting and Mining Night School, BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines, Vancouver, BC, 1996-1997


Technical Skills: Windows OS 98-7 & 10, Microsoft Office 2010-365, Advanced Excel & Access User, SAS, ARIES®, DSS, SCALEUP, PETRA, Microsoft SQL, Wellview, Spotfire, ProCount, SAP 9.0, Carte, OFM, Saphir, AFE Navigator, Microsoft Project, CMG IMEX, IHS AccuMap, Cognos, Technical Troubleshooting etc.




Member, National Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi), Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and American Chemical Society.


     Willing and able to travel/telecommute as needed; will relocate for ideal long-term opportunity.


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