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4.2019 Joined Cambrian Mountain Energy as engineering vice president, partner, and board member


2.2019 Working diligently developing this petroleum / reservoir engineering business by marketing with a website, properly creating a LinkedIn profile, refining my resume as a Enhanced Oil Recovery Consultant ~ Independent EOR Consultant, and growing through networking.



1.2019 Hired professional resume writer and career coach -highly recommend doing this, if you are loated in Texas, contact me for a referral. This has completely transformed my thinking and perspective in positive ways! Discussed creation of a small private E&P with an industry colleague.


11.2019 Focused on networking, income generation, professional development, and business growth.


10.2018 Explored several employment opportunities with companies with diverse, mature assets, and sound business models.


8.2018 Researched role of EOR in unconventional shale oil fields. Identified massive growth opportunity for revitalization of assets with low EURs (4-7%) with very high sunk capital cost wells ($10-15 million each).


7.2018 Identified critical shortage of petroleum engineers with more than 10 years EOR / IOR / CO2 work experience.


6.2018 Discussed partnership opportunities with small private E&P's.


4.2018 Initiated process of self-evaluation and identified multiple business opportunities in the energy industry.


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