Advanced Petroleum Recovery

Rodney Michel, Independent Consultant

Petroleum / Reservoir Engineering / Asset Management

Value Creation via Strategic Thinking, Innovation, and Technical Excellence

Over $2 Billion in value created for clients

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Is Advanced Petroleum Recovery a legally registered business?

Yes, we are registered with the Texas State Comptroller.

Are you willing to travel for consulting work?

Yes, willing to travel and work under contract for short or long term duration.

What is your expected compensation rate or remuneration for services?

Will vary depending upon the project type, scope, contract duration, and travel location. Seeking fair opportunities that achieve a win-win situation for each party. Each situation is unique as are corporate protocols, so am completely open structuring contract terms that achieve mutually important goals.

What are your thoughts about helping people?

Throughout my career I have always been willing to help colleagues whether it be companies, peers, management teams, vendors, college students or investors. The rewards of helping other's succeed last a lifetime and provide me great satisfaction and happiness on many levels.

How about a few pearls of wisdom?

Be thoughtful and understanding towards others whether it is a professional or personal relationship. Be a person of integrity and follow through with your commitments. Be patient and listen to what people have to say. Network with good people and get to know them better. Think about achieving great results above and beyond your own personal interests. Be innovative and find ways to generate value and opportunities that will grow both your company and yourself as a professional. Always work on communication and respect all of the people you interact with. Be humble and learn from your mistakes, own them, but grow and move forward. Be generous with your time whether it be loved ones, friends, community, or employers. Be kind and respect other's ideas, thoughts, backgrounds, and thoughts. Remember we are all human and ultimately are part of one huge family and we all have value.


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