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Over $2 Billion in value created for clients

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Our goal is to significantly increase the value of energy company assets through applied petroleum engineering technology, innovation, and strategic thinking


Core Values


Integrity ~ Use a moral compass in how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally by being ethical and honest with clients do what is right.

Respect ~ Support by listening, understanding, and fully regarding other's thoughts, beliefs, traditions, and property.

Service to Others ~ Contribute generously our time and resources to build up and grow the foundation elements for your company's success. Help communities whether it be financial, volunteering time, or sharing fellowship with other's in need. Pay it forward to help others achieve personal and professional development.

Innovation ~ Bring creative and strategic thinking that generates new or improved ideas, processes, and results that unlocks economic value for stakeholders.

Efficiency ~ Implement proven record of success in improving energy companies by finding cost and capital savings, revenue generators, value adds, derisking portfolios, project timing adjustments, and optimizing production  for achieving maximum PV.


Our Energy Industry Foundation


Since 2004 I have been working with various operators on a wide variety of oil and natural gas assets. These assets include fields located in the Permian and Delaware Basins in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico; Gulf Coast fields located in Mississippi, Louisiana, East and South Texas both onshore and offshore; fields located in the Rockies in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah as well as various fields in the Mid Continent region and even the Cook Inlet and Prudhoe Bay area of Alaska. My experience ranges from exploiting conventional high permeability to unconventional low perm reservoirs requiring horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracture stimulation. Building, redeveloping, and optimizing secondary waterfloods and tertiary EOR floods using injectants such as CO2 or hydrocarbon gas is where I can generator superior economic ROI / value to your company. I have become successful with tertiary enhanced oil recovery or improved oil recovery projects by being fundamentally strong with a wide range of technologies used in operations optimization, reservoir management, conformance modification projects, and surveillance engineering.


Have a results-driven personality that is systematic, analytical, outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, humble, accommodating, and tactful. My God-given talents and abilities allow me to correctly assess data, then organize and format it into visual aids such as charts and maps. From the visualized data, I can see contrasts and trends, then clearly communicate the scientific and interpretative results with your company, plus more importantly identify key drivers for increasing your revenue, lowering operating costs, saving on capital costs, and adding present value to your portfolio with derisked projects. Creating a culture of innovation is a massive game changer for your company. Think about this: compare where Sears and Amazon are currently at in terms of balance sheet strength and growth. At one time Sears dominated the retail space, however for whatever reasons was unable to maintain their leadership position. I contend that Amazon created a culture of innovation, particularly in the online space and how they obtain, manage, and leverage data from marketing research and other sources. This is why they are dominant and still growing juggernaut of a company. I am a successful innovator, generator of ideas, leader, teach and mentor of peers and very deep strategic thinker. I can add significant value to your organization in many different ways and find opportunities that others have missed or even considered.


Experience as a petroleum and mining geologist coupled with reservoir and operations engineering has provided tremendous upside value to companies. Derived a conservative estimate of $1.25 billion in value (500 MMBO OOIP x $50/BBL x 5% EUR) from a ROZ discovery at SACROC. Observed anomalous stable high oil production rates in a SACROC producer located on the southern edge of the development area. Noted an key well perforated off depth deep below the PWOC (producing oil-to-water contact), yet was producing low GOR oil from reservoir rock with minor porosity, but high permeability as confirmed by RA production profile logs. Responded to senior management requests to accelerate South Shore expansion project (18 patterns). Seized opportunity to evaluate fresh drill cuttings and whole core obtained from wells located below the PWOC. Evaluated oil staining, fluorescence, type of porosity, and digenetic mineralization (usually anhydrites, clays, cherts, silts). Obtained approval to purchase a microscope, black light box, and ceramic cut dishes, then wrote a procedure for the field personnel to obtain the drill cuttings for transportation to my Midland, Texas office. Assessed drill cuttings confirming that a southward dipping, thick transition oil zone or ROZ  existed at SACROC. Obtained whole cores where Core Laboratories provided photos under natural and black light and measured rock properties. Facilitated geophysical analysis support and ran SWCT (Single Well Chemical Tracer Tests) confirming ROZ oil saturation values, areal extent, and thickness. Collaborated with peer geologists and derived  OOIP estimates of 500 MMBO.  Confirmed ROZ was floodable and measured baseline processing rate with CO2 injectivity tests. Currently horizontal wells and multi stage hydraulic fracture stimulation are being used to develop the ROZ as a commercially viable project even at current oil prices.


Created several successful small businesses and mentored other small business owners since 2010. As an owner, I led all aspects of the business from purchasing, operations, to inventory management, accounting, marketing, and sales. Grateful for wonderful people that I have met around the world whom work in a wide range of professions that have helped me learn and grow. Experience as an entrepreneur has provided insight on P&L Ownership/Management, and how to be profitable by design. Apply experience and knowledge as a business owner to grow your company by planning and managing capital projects. Complete projects on schedule and below budget. Help your business find operating cost savings, generate additional revenue growth with production optimization, protect your balance sheet with effective project risk management, train and mentor your staff, plus lead a culture of innovation and strategic thinking.


Before Oil and Natural Gas


Worked for a small precious metals mining company 1997-1998 located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Focused on exploiting properties located in the Wheaton River Valley located Southwest of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Provided professional versatility ranging from claims manager, mining geologist, prospector, and project manager. Macro economic events forced most junior miners to suspend operations and reduce staff including me. Conducted a period of honest self evaluation and labor market research to make the decision to retrain as a petroleum engineer. Accepted into BCIT (the British Columbia Institute of Technology) Petroleum and Natural Gas program, which is elite polytechnic institute comparable to MIT where the curriculum involves around 30+ credit hours per semester over two years. Maximized BCIT opportunity by learning how to evaluate and develop projects using economic and technological principles. Obtained a position after graduation with a Midland, Texas geologic consulting firm as a petroleum geologist working on drill rigs across the Permian and Delaware Basin. Accepted into Montana Tech's Petroleum Engineering degree program, where MTECH has an existing relationship with BCIT to allow transfer of approximately two years worth of credits. Saved money and time by successfully challenging select courses, then focusing on earning electives in thermal recovery operations, production operations design (created hydraulic fracture stimulation application), pressure transient analysis, and reservoir simulation. Graduated Montana Tech with a 3.52 GPA and have earned in total 214 college credits with two petroleum degrees, plus a mathematic minor within four years classroom time.


Worked as a precision metal former at an ISO 9002 certified (0.005" tolerance) jobber shop 1995-1997. Used cutting edge CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment to fabricate sheet metal for a global customers, primarily for the tech industry. Earned top marks, promotion, and pay raise where the company sent all 50+ employees including engineers to BCIT to take courses, one of which involved blue print reading. Attended regular night classes at the Prospecting and Mining School funded by the BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines. Learned valuable skills from a curriculum focused on providing entrepreneurs with tangible skills to create a successful small business as consultants.


Worked several years in the automotive industry as a service representative interfacing with a wide range of businesses such as car dealerships, repair shops, warehouses, part suppliers, and manufacturers. Helped me learn about the importance of professionalism, listening to customer needs, finding effective solutions to technical problems, and automotive mechanics.



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